Monday, 27 April 2015

Latvian society Stamps (Part 1)

As the main tag is from another country is much better to write in some more "international" language. This is a series coming from my experience in another country (you will guess what country is as you are checking the work) about its society´s behaviour and one very interesting note I noted (I love redundancies)  in the urban lands from there: there were A LOT OF feral cats roaming in the streets. So I decided to make a serie relating the alley cats theme with some mocking society things.

Note: this has been made with only humorous prupourse, not to offend anyone. Don´t take it bad; and by the way, if I would make something similar about my country I could make TONS of quirky things that people usually do there.

So, let´s begin:
The first stamp, the one about the sad cat ("kaķis" is "cat" in latvian) is a pun about how Latvia has a sadly report for being a country with a high suicide rate, thus meaning that there are not precisely very few people in depressions or very unhappy with their lifes.
The second one it´s about how some (I mean, enough to attract the attention to me) persons are not very social (even antisocial) and prefer to hide in their own loneliness rather to...phew, rather to just show a nicer face!

These two stamps takes the same meaning: the shyness. There is shyness out there. And in big doses. Or selfishness, probably (then, we could find a reason why so much depression)!

The next pair are about other things. The first one is about how some neighbors are not very happy with strangers...and about the faces they make, you are not sure if they are angry with you or just they are acting normal, as they usually are. I have to say, however, that the meaning of the stamp I´m talking about ("You are in the wrong neighborhood Motherfu**r") fits MUCH more in Spain: all Latvia is rather safer than most of the cities of Spain; just an example: if you stay in the gipsy neighborhood(s) of Murcia (and that´s a city of only 400k inhabitants) for long time you will get surely some guys with the same faces as we see in the cats and saying basicaly the same (and you doing nothing, just staying there). And, yeah, it´s not racism because it´s a gipsy neighborhood (means that most of its population it´s gipsy, not all) but it´s the truth that you cannot go there safely.
The lower one it´s again about the depressions and sadness, holding hands with the loneliness.

There is another part coming. Tomorrow surely.

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