Sunday, 6 September 2015

The world tragedy

This is a paste about the most heared current problem in Europe and in Middle-East. The exode of hundreds of thousands of syrians and other middle-east populations from the ravage war in Syria and the uprising of the zealot ISIS.
This refugee tragedy is being too much, in all consequences: from political to human effects. But, I´m not precisely one who supports the help to the refugees and giving them the citizenship for free...if there is a problem, you have to cut it from its root, specially when is making too much pressure. But that pressure, despite how the media is being so unrespectful to the european decissions, doesn´t come from Europe. This is something of worlwide levels. So, The map is probably too small to see each figure in good definition, so I will explain each of the illustrations scattered across the world map:
The protagonists (sadly and unlucky) of the story: the middle-eastern refugees who will going to Europe so they can stay save from death and mayhem, hoping that things will get good so easily. They get a different treat than the rest of illustrations. They are in greyscale colours and pure ink technique so they make difference between the others...those others...

We have here the pseudopro european common people voices, whose voices are sandpaper for my ears due their cynism and void their arguments can actually be. They think that Europe is being a monster, acting bad...well, why don´t try to look a bit forward? Europe is receiving the human pressure, and just trying to deal with it somehow, but that pressure is not created by Europe, not by far (except...weapons trademarket); but in this continent (specially in countries where being a "progresist" means to hate your country until think is "THE WORST OF THE WORLD" but love your region until ask for independentism when the goverments are treated by same methods!...such happens in Spain!) you usually hear such arguments like those I show here where the only thing they can give is cynism to a place which has a much better quality of life than many others...or even where you can get the best quality of life in the world. I agree this is not the best way to act and that everything can go better until the end, but I don´t get that fatalist. Seriously, I invite these persons to open their minds (really) and see far away from their safe zones and then tell which countries are actually that oppresive and inhuman towards their own inhabitants...and how "humanist" are most countries afar from their sweet homelands at dealing with disasters. 
Oh yeah, the three persons are women...I made it with no intention, but guess it´s the habit where I hear most such barbaries coming from people with nothing of personality but a lot of emotional explosive feelings, while not smart.

Precisely, there is somewhere which acts much worse than Europe...such Arabian Emirats and others close. They literally laugh at this situation and get rich actually handling business in Middle-East. Check that petroleum spot where it ends (see in the left of the map).

Here´s what I think should be do: act in the country by a military way, just as it was made in Yugoslavia (and hoping that there are not such big failures like Holland made in there). UN it´s for something. But sadly, there are more bastards in this game: Russia´s goverment and the hideous Chinese goverment which reject to movilize UN plans in Syria. UN the only thing can do is blame Europe for treating bad the refugee wave. Always for interests, even for lifes.

NATO is like UN, it can´t basically act due the afraid of reprisals. And be careful not only of the big fishes. cause NATO is always blamed for being an "imperialist" wherever it acts.

And we have another good thing for this world game. America´s goverment...althought actually should American enterprises have something to say respect to all this in a similar fashion that the arabic gulf´s sheikhs should. Why even some horrible US´s enemies carry some external weaponry? not only stealing, black market or other countries support, not only that. Not to mention to several BIG fails making "friends" on syrian conflict.

And this is all. I made this basically because comments such "Europe is a shame" are just making me sick. No, the problem is not Europe, not at all. The problem is wider and bigger that we could expect
and a great proof of this is how UN is saying and doing basically nothing; while it was made to ensure peace in all conflict countries, even in the worst of the cases.

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