Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ink drawing week-Round #2

These are the ink drawings I have been doing each of the days of this week (including Unamuno´s ones). Each one is purely made on ink with very few Photoshop post-process (yeah, the "level" option is a "must do" when bringing an ink drawing to digital format):

-Boom!- did the surrealistic realm.

"Aaaalmost!" more surrealistic drawings.

"Ink´s gonna flood us!"

Because mountains are beautiful, specially with smoke (not clean clouds) surrounding them, aren´t they?

This one pretended to be some sheeps mocking about their shepherd...but I realized that it looks more like they are mocking about women mannerism. Don´t expect I say SOME women because I will NOT say that!

Real american hero from future giving FREEDOM to a land made of ice-cream balls (see bakground). 

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