Sunday, 24 July 2016


Two months, TWO months without posting nothing here! It´s a shame!!
...or on second thoughts, it´s because there are many other duties in my daily life rather than free will drawings at the moment. Also, there are two "little" problems: the first one is that I live in a place where I don´t have any GOOD scanner in sight. And second problem (and funnier) is that it looks like my lovely, sweet and motherfucking piece of CRAAAAP unpredictible "new" (it´s almost 6 months old already) laptop doesn´t like Photoshop and there have been several times where the Blue Screen of Death popped up in my face when running Photoshop. All hail ultimate Windows 10 installment!...sigh...

Very well! Here are some asteroids going "straight" to an unnamed planet. The white one is made of magic:

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